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How science was used to produce the perfect vagina.

The reason why I developed Homemade Vagina was because I realized there was nothing quite like it out there! When I needed help I had to go out there and find the answers myself. This is how Homemade Vagina was born.


For years I just didn’t seem to have the same amount of confidence that other guys had. It seemed that girls picked up on that too. My buddies and me would be out at a bar. We’d see a group of girls and get talking to them but I found it so difficult to get involved. It’s not that girls weren’t interested and it’s not that I was unattractive. My problem was something I didn’t even want to admit to the rest of the guys. I always came too quickly.



I don’t mean just after a couple of minutes of sex, I mean like after just touching a woman’s breast. It was a problem I had since I was a teenager and by my mid twenties, it didn’t seem as if it was going to go away.


I’m not one of those people who run to the doctor for the slightest of things. Even I could see, though, that something was wrong. My own doctor sent me to a psychologist who specialized in sexual problems. The first thing he did was to send me for tests to see if anything physical was wrong. It turned out I was fine. The problem, it seemed, was all in my mind. It was explained to me that just as some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to pain, the same is true when it comes to sexual stimuli. I was just more sensitive to it than other people.


I was told that I needed to try and ‘de-sensitize’. This basically meant watching porn and masturbating a lot to try and control how long I could last. This was fine until I managed to pick up the courage to start dating a girl. On the night we were supposed to have sex I came just a couple of seconds after she put her hand down my pants! The issue still hadn’t gone away.


It seemed that my problem wasn’t so much sexual stimuli in general, but more specifically whenever I got near a real live woman! I just couldn’t control it. The next thing I was told to do to try and get rid of the problem was to try sex toys. The issue with that was that ALL SEX TOYS FROM SHOPS OR FROM THE INTERNET FELT SO PLASTIC AND FAKE! What I needed wasn’t a sex toy. I needed SOMETHING REALISTIC. Pretty soon, I realized that what I was looking for just wasn’t available.


This realization set me out on a quest to come up with the perfect natural vagina substitute. Luckily I had my scientific background I could call upon to aid me with my research. There were already sex aids out there. I wanted to find a way of making one that was ACTUALLY REALISTIC. I wanted to make a good job of it. I needed to understand from a scientific perspective, the nature of how the vagina is made up. For this I consulted plastic surgeons and other doctors. I even studied the anatomy and biology myself.


The next step was to start to put it together. With a little bit of help I managed to put together what was THE PERFECT VAGINA! I WAS AMAZED AT WHAT I FOUND.


Next came the hard part – i.e. how to replicate it. For this I spoke to engineers and experts in chemistry. It took a long time but eventually I cracked it. WE’D MANAGED TO REPLICATE A TOTALLY REALISTIC VAGINA!


The best thing about this discovery was just how simple it was to put it together once I’d figured out the principles. I shared the knowledge with some of my friends and they were amazed too. More and more men are making the discovery of a lifetime. With Homemade Vagina, you can too!


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It’s definitely an experience you won’t forget. CLOSE YOUR EYES AND IT”S LIKE BEING WITH A REAL WOMAN! She fits around your penis and gently rides it with just the right combination of grip and softness. Homemade Vagina is so realistic that you’re bound to finish within a couple of minutes – if not seconds! Most men find that they need a couple of goes to get used to this vagina – IT’S THAT GOOD!



Once you’ve got used to Homemade Vagina, you can then start to make the most of it. Being able to cure premature ejaculation is one of the most useful medical benefits of Homemade Vagina. Because it’s so realistic, it successfully recreates what sex is like with a real woman – so it’s the best possible practice you can get in preparation for the next time you’re with a woman.


The benefit of Homemade Vagina is that if you want to, you can teach your self control. Practice with Homemade Vagina and your body will know exactly what to expect the next time you’re having sex. The texture of Homemade Vagina is so similar to a genuine vagina that your brain and your penis aren’t going to be able to tell the difference. The more times you practice with Homemade Vagina, the better your body will get at controlling itself! You just don’t get the same sensation with a shop-bought plastic vagina. If you’ve ever tried one of those, you’ll find that this is 10 TIMES BETTER THAN A PLASTIC VERSION!



Once you’ve got your timing on track, you can then work on your technique. One of the best things about Homemade Vagina is that it’s THE CLOSEST SIMULATION OF REAL SEX OUT THERE! Because using Homemade Vagina is so realistic, all you need to do is close your eyes and imagine what you’d be doing to a real woman. Your brain will react to the situation in the same way as if you were really making love! You’ll be able to speed things up and then slow things down again in the same way you would when making love to the woman of your dreams. You’ll be in complete control. You’ll learn skills you never thought you had. The next time you do actually go out on a date, those skills are going to come in real useful!



One of the secrets to good love-making is stamina. If you can keep going, you’re girlfriend’s going to stick around. Think of Homemade Vagina as giving you the perfect work-out for your penis. Frequent use will definitely improve muscle tone. In fact, some men have said that they’ve noticed AN INCREASE IN LENGTH! One thing’s for sure though, using Homemade Vagina is a lot more fun than going to the gym. If you want to, you can use Homemade Vagina to help gradually build up your staying power. You’ll be fitter, healthier and most definitely happier!



Once you’ve got the strength, the power and the experience that Homemade Vagina gives you, it’s possible to have more success with girls than you ever thought possible.

Homemade Vagina works in two ways so far as giving you confidence is concerned. For one thing, it gives you the tools you need to be a fantastic lover. That in itself is going to give you a major confidence boost – whether you realize what you’re doing or not! Download Homemade Vagina and you’ll find your self chatting easily to girls in a way you never thought possible. All this is because your subconscious is aware that you’ve got the experience you need to make this girl happy in bed. Your brain is giving you these signals even if your conscious mind isn’t aware of them.

There’s another boost as well. Women can sense intuitively if a man is going to be a good lover. That’s exactly why women are drawn to certain men. If you’re giving off the aura of being a good lover, WOMEN ARE GOING TO BE DRAWN TO YOU WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING WHY!



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  • THE STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO MAKING YOUR OWN VAGINA. Follow this comprehensive guide and WITHIN HALF AN HOUR you could be enjoying yourself in a way you never dreamed possible.
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Homemade Vagina shows you the safest way to make the best vagina you’ve ever experienced. This is the website people are starting to talk about. You need to be careful of imitations! Following the wrong advice can lead to painful injury – including bleeding and infection.


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